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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date Night

I love dates.

They are vital for any good relationship...including friendships and family.

I am the type of person that needs dates with my mom...and especially Hunter. I need them. I remember growing up, my mom took us on dates. I remember they halted when I was embarrased of being with my mom in public. (especially when she wanted to hold my you remember that stage! oh the humiliation)...ok maybe not everyone held hands with their moms, but I did... Well the dates with my mom resumed once I became an adult..and I love them.

I love dates with my friends. Going on candy runs (I always got more candy then everyone else..), watching movies, going to dinner, ordering pizza and bummin' around. Those are dates too.

Individualized set apart time...spent with those you love.

Last night, Hunter and I went on a date...lemme just say, for me, going on dates as a married couple is far superior then when not married. It probably has something to do with the fact that Hunter and I didn't kiss before marriage, and now I can kiss him whenever I want! Before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, before desert, after desert, during the movie...I like kissing.

Also, there is so much fun stuff to do in downtown Houston.

We went to Prima Pasta for dinner.

Then, knowing I adore creme brulee, Hunter took me to Grotto for dessert. Of course, they were out...BUT!! we sat in the fun-happenin cocktail bar area..and the 'Stros were on.... So we watched them and had coffee and tiramisu!

Then! went to the Edwards Cinema and saw WALL-E. Ok seriously, presh. We spent an hour just saying "Waaaaaalllll-E" and "Eve-A". Hunter can do it really good.

Then to top it all off, we went on a candy run! He got 1 package of Reese's and I got 2 Big Laffy Taffy strips, 1 peanut butter twix and a box of Milk Dud's. (Ok, I warned you, I always get more candy then everyone else. ) and I am really not a sweet tooth.

DATES ARE FUN! They are needed. I need them. You might not need them, but I do.

Which is why I am super pumped..more pumped then I can express in words..that Danielle is coming to visit me tomorrow!! We haven't gotten to hang out since right after I got home from my honeymoon. and that wasn't a date...that was me dishing about my honeymoon. :)

ME! + Danielle! = DATE! Tomorrow!

I need this. We need this.


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Danielle said...

first i have to say that i think i'm y'alls biggest fan...i read parts of your blog to people who don't even know you. i've been told before "i feel like i know ashleigh because of you" other news: in 15 hours i will see you and my heart will be happy.