Camp Gaulke

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bread Winning

So far, I love my job...

This may change...considering I want babies ..tons... of babies.

Babies that do things like this..

But for now, I like my job. For anyone like.."Ok, what's your job wierdo?"....Basically, I work at MD Anderson recruiting patients for studies to hopefully gather enough research to one day cure their cancer. HOW NEAT!

First of all, I thrive off the medical center. It's's's the best. Second of all, it's MD Anderson...they kill cancer like whoa.

Everything is so ...whats the word....'well-funded' there. Like, I swear their bathroom sinks are heated...LOVE THAT. For every employee, they make a plastic name thingy...which normal people are like..ok? so. But, I am like COOL! A PLASTIC NAME THINGY!...

And I got my own cubicle! and it's big. More pics of that to come.

So, the perks of my job..other than the aforementioned ones are:

I wear a whitecoat
Every patient thinks I am their doctor
I do not HAVE to correct them
Some doctors think I am a doctor
It is probably wise to correct them, but I don't HAVE to
Every day, I am working towards cancer prevention
I am actually using my degree!
I am not mentally exhausted or even tired for that matter when I get home
Hunter and I get to ride into town together and back home together every day
Hunter's school is literally across the street from my office
I get to put Hunter through school while he tries to become the best DPT ever
Whitney is near me too!

it is the perfect first job...for me atleast.

Considering how many times Hunter and I prayed and prayed and how I applied to 40 million jobs and got only 2 interviews in 2 months, I shouldn't be surprised to realize how much the Lord knew where He wanted me...but I am.

Finding a job stinks. NO ONE tells you that. There isn't a college course on "the REALITY of finding a job when you leave our comfortable walls! "

For the 2 months of endless job applications, I just wanted to call any # on A&M's website and say..."YOU DIDN'T WARN ME! "...

Luckily, Hunter and I had 2 months of wonderful bonding time. I will forever think of that time as set apart and special. We may have watched a little too much TV and probably could have been classified as bums...but we had fun...

So, cheers to my job. I hope all of those who are trying to find one, find the perfect one...however long it takes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Astros, the ER... a good week!

Well, the last week has been hectic and so I (Hunter) get the honors of telling the story. This is my first post, and let me tell you... Ashleigh is so geeked up :)

Last Tuesday night, Ashleigh and I had a little encounter with the St. Luke's Minor Emergency Clinic... Yeah.

It all started (or so we thought) at dinner with my parents earlier that evening. We had mexican food and about midnight as we were going to bed, Ashleigh began complaining of very hurtful stomach pains(and she has a really high pain tolerance). She couldn't sleep and for 2 and half hours she lay writhing in pain while I slip in and out of sleep waiting it out for her to stop hurting. After some nausea and a trip to the bathroom, around 2:30am we headed for the 24 hour emergency clinic. Praise the Lord I had noticed it while we got familiar with Houston!

The clinic was pretty awesome.... We got to see the American women lose the gold in gymnastics again (thanks to poor judges... of course :)) while Ashleigh continued to writhe in pain. Our doctor was really nice though. His name was Jesus Arroyo, but I like to think that Jesus helped us. He got us an IV (overkill?), some pain meds, nausea meds, and we waited it out for the blood work results. It turned out Ashleigh didn't have food poisoning from her delicious enchiladas, but a viral infection in her GI tract (ouch!). Thanks to the meds, we walked out of there pain free and got back in to bed at a groggy-eyed 5:30am.

Phew, am I glad that was over! I was really glad to be there for her and care for her health. I never thought we'd have to go the emergency clinic, but she needed it and so we did it! She's feeling much better now.... In fact, this Saturday we got to go Minute Maid Park to see Lance Berkman talk about the real Jesus (not the dr.) and hear a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert! What a sweet gig and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, it was all free of charge!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey there ya little papasan...

We got a papasan chair!

Ok to preface...we have this strange cubby area in our bedroom that is really hard to decorate if your poor...

..or not really that creative.

So, Hunter and I have gone to Ikea, to Target, to Bed Bath and come up with ideas for this space!...

We found things we liked ...but they are soooo expensive...We almost gave in and bought this chair from Ikea that really was too much ...but we justified it with the fact that we would have it forever ...

UNTIL! We were in Rice Village last week to have some awesome TCBY (1$ cone Wednesdays..YES!) with the Phillips' and we went into Pier 1. Yes. Too-Expensive for newlyweds that are definitely not trust fund babies Pier 1. I like I drug Hunter in there ..and immediately he is trying to find a place to sit...

...and the coolest papasan ever!

I always envisioned papasans as really fluffy oversized looking space-like pods...but this papasan was like revamped. It was was flippin comfy!

...and best of all was affordable! at PIER 1! Well, being good stewards of our money...we went home to think about it...and got it just in time for good 'ol Edouard! Considering that every channel we have (all 6 of them) were over-covering the "tropical storm"...I read for hours as Edouard did nothing but give us some much needed rain...and give me some much needed book-time. Here is our saweeet papasan! :

Speaking of reading...I just finished 'Four Loves' by C.S. Lewis...

Of course, he is such a good communicator and gives the best literary analogies..but I am not gonna lie it wasn't my favorite book of his.

However, the bits and pieces that were good were REALLY good. Extremely deep and thought know classic him. But the rest...I wanted to skim through.

Maybe it might take reading a second time to appreciate...

In other news, Hunter is sicky sick. I am gonna go tend to his aches and pains. :(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date Night

I love dates.

They are vital for any good relationship...including friendships and family.

I am the type of person that needs dates with my mom...and especially Hunter. I need them. I remember growing up, my mom took us on dates. I remember they halted when I was embarrased of being with my mom in public. (especially when she wanted to hold my you remember that stage! oh the humiliation)...ok maybe not everyone held hands with their moms, but I did... Well the dates with my mom resumed once I became an adult..and I love them.

I love dates with my friends. Going on candy runs (I always got more candy then everyone else..), watching movies, going to dinner, ordering pizza and bummin' around. Those are dates too.

Individualized set apart time...spent with those you love.

Last night, Hunter and I went on a date...lemme just say, for me, going on dates as a married couple is far superior then when not married. It probably has something to do with the fact that Hunter and I didn't kiss before marriage, and now I can kiss him whenever I want! Before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, before desert, after desert, during the movie...I like kissing.

Also, there is so much fun stuff to do in downtown Houston.

We went to Prima Pasta for dinner.

Then, knowing I adore creme brulee, Hunter took me to Grotto for dessert. Of course, they were out...BUT!! we sat in the fun-happenin cocktail bar area..and the 'Stros were on.... So we watched them and had coffee and tiramisu!

Then! went to the Edwards Cinema and saw WALL-E. Ok seriously, presh. We spent an hour just saying "Waaaaaalllll-E" and "Eve-A". Hunter can do it really good.

Then to top it all off, we went on a candy run! He got 1 package of Reese's and I got 2 Big Laffy Taffy strips, 1 peanut butter twix and a box of Milk Dud's. (Ok, I warned you, I always get more candy then everyone else. ) and I am really not a sweet tooth.

DATES ARE FUN! They are needed. I need them. You might not need them, but I do.

Which is why I am super pumped..more pumped then I can express in words..that Danielle is coming to visit me tomorrow!! We haven't gotten to hang out since right after I got home from my honeymoon. and that wasn't a date...that was me dishing about my honeymoon. :)

ME! + Danielle! = DATE! Tomorrow!

I need this. We need this.