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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have you seen this!?

Hunter and I are obsessed with this video...

So while we are on the subject of videos and since I just learned to add these videos...

You have to watch this preshy preciousness :)

My BFF is in England

This is a tribute to her....

She may be the only one in the world that understands how crazy this video is...

if anyone is a Chris Brown fan...then you'll understand..

and I miss her like whoa and shes been gone like a day...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Congrats Bob!

So cousin got married 2 days ago.


But what is pretty awesome about the whole thing is...they got engaged maybe a month ago?....planned on marrying in the summer of '09...decided that was way too far away and set the date 2 days after Christmas!

Now... I know that may have been a little rough for the parents (I love you sweet Robyn)...considering it was a tad unexpected and super stressful so close to Christmas...but holy cow, how awesome!

Honestly, Hunter and I learned a ton about each other in the 7 months we were engaged. It was enlightening and fun at times...but ooooooooooohhhhhhh man how uncomfortable it was! I mean are betrothed to each other...but in all reality you are still single....that person is not "yours" don't get to share everything don't get to completely combine hearts yet. ALL I felt the whole time I was engaged was...I can't do that YET!

I hated that.

I adore couples who do not fall into the temptation to "do" their relationship according to the worlds standards. If you are going to prevent unnecessary stress and hardship...then go for it! Don't undergo intense emotional tolls apart because the world says you "need" time to plan an intense extravagent wedding.

Go get married in your living room! ..

..and that is just what they did. :)

Ok I know all the older generation is like tensing up in the shoulder region...because holy guacamoly! (did you know that there is actually a brand of pre-made guacamole named 'Wholly Guacamoly'...genius..anyways)...what about the unknown!!?? what if they find out they can't stand each other and they are total opposites and get an annulment in like 9 days...right? you know that's what comes into mind.

Sure..there may be things they learn about each other during marriage that they may have discussed during engagement if they had a longer time...

..but here is my view...

if you are committed...with all you have (I mean some intense sacrificial love)...if you mean what you say in front of all those who raised, supported, and love you...and if divorce was never an option to either of matter what...

then.... if you learn something about this person during marriage...that maybe you would have during engagement...if you had longer...then in marriage you now have EVERY means to work through it.

You have a house that you share...and that you cannot run away have a bed that you both sleep in and that is rather uncomfortable if your going to sleep have confidence in knowing that your spouse will never leave you...even if you don't worship Star Wars :)...and you have the intimacy that you began the very first day you were joined as man and wife. ( ..ya I am talking about sex...)

...What wonderful tools to work with!!!

Bob and Lauren...if we were able to go to Minnesota..we would have in a heartbeat (Bob, I know how hard it was for you to come witness our wedding :) )...but in our absence...we want to say this now:

Marriage is the ...and never ever ever give up on each other. Keep seeking the Lord and allow His standards of marriage to infiltrate yours!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Memories

I promise ...I have an excuse for not posting anything in like what feels like a month. I have been drafting a post on another topic ...and am a little bit stuck on what to say..which means that I haven't wrapped my mind around the subject...which means..I am going to come back to it later :) forgive me? don't have been busy too, I am sure.

I don't know about you, but I have LOVED this Christmas. This Christmas more than any previous one, I found that I enjoy giving really meaningful presents. You know...the ones that I know the person receiving is going to be PUMPED about. OOoo and also the gifts that people don't even realize they need!! I love that.
For instance...for Hunter. He did not know that he needed a new Nalgene. ..Do you know what that is? It is a glorified waterbottle that is extremely popular in the more southern universities/colleges...I say southern because those are the places that actually have students that get dehydrated truckin it from class to class..even if those classes are only 20 steps from each other...and therefore need a nalgene.
Hunter was using a really old Nalgene...that not only was ugly...but would allow for him to spill all his water all over himself. Ya I'd think since he's um 22? that he could drink water without any drama. oh no...there is spillage almost every time. So I got him..

Another wonderful Nalgene! it has a smaller mouth to aid 22 year old spillers...and! it's hunter green! LOVE IT. Hunter didn't even realize he needed another nalgene...but oh my did he need it. I made him throw away the old one the minute we were done opening the new know for his own safety.

And ...I got a beautiful bible ... with my new name on it. and what is even more the amount of time Hunter spent picking it out. Now being married to me for 7 months...he knows how I study the bible, and got one specific for how I's perfect and I freaking love him.

Anyways.. so Christmas was fantastic. I absolutely love the fact that our parents live less than 3 miles away from each other...and therefore we get to truly enjoy Christmas with family.

Hunter's cousins came up and over from Corpus and Atlanta and we had a ball. My favorite memories:

greenbean casserole

Andrew and Nathan sleeping outside in a tent

the over-use of the phrase: Christ-followers

the over-use of the phrase: innocuous

talks about tattoos that end up in talks about gay marriage

Jess' infamous envelope tradition

Andrew's narration

Joan beating Ozzie and Doug at poker in the same sitting as her learning to play

Jess crying multiple times while reading Twilight in mid-living room

being characterized into a gingerbread cookie along with all the cousins and then photoed

Baker's Street Pub and talking politics with my parents

Erin showing Pizza Hut who not to mess with

China Inn goodness

being really akwarded out and then comforted by the women in my awesome new family

Benjiman Button

Andrew holding out his arm for me to palpate his vein and simply saying "I read your blog"

talking Aggie tradition with a Longhorn :) (Ozzie)

seeing Bagwell tear up a t.u. stuffed animal...specifically when she ripped open the crotch area

seeing Bagwell plop onto Erin as she about died from all the excitement of the holidays..

It was so fun and full of love. I was born into such a loving and caring family...and I married into one as well. The Lord is so faithful. Love Love Love!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day One

Today was my first day in a LONG time without any kind of coke...ok.. Dr Pepper mostly.

I never thought I could be an addict. I always said I could quit if I wanted to...

I lied. I had a hard time today. I brought a capri sun to work. A CAPRI SUN! How did I think that a capri sun could compare to a Dr. Pepper? Well it did not compare. So, I went to the drink area in the Cafe and wanted a coke so bad. I felt compelled. Literally, I just stared at the Dr Peppers and had to consiously stop my hand from reaching up and grabbing. I honestly felt as though it was necessary to my quality of life. I was 3 seconds from giving in, when I saw the fruity V8 and it barely tempted my taste buds I opted for the heathier, not 3 million calories, doesn't stain my teeth and surge my body full of yummy caffeine goodness option.

So, I guess I am trying to limit my coke habit ...just trying to be healthy really.

But it is clear to say that I am an addict.

Oh yes, and because of this...I carried around advil with me all day....knowing that I was going to be miserable by about noonish... And I did indeed pop some advil...

No one warned me that you can get addicted to this stuff!

Oh yeah, I am behind on the holiday shot outs...Happy Day of Thanks. We had a wonderful time with my parents and Hunter's family in Corpus. Sharing recipes and laughs is what I call a holiday...

I have too too too much to be thankful for. Aggie football is not one of them. WHO8P!

Love Love Love..