Camp Gaulke

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 is official

We are bored and poor.

Ok we're not that poor. Trust me, I have seen poor. But we kind of decided that we are too poor to get Hunter a hair cut..SO I DID IT!

It started a couple days ago when we were watching American Gladiators...LOVE THAT SHOW..(especially considering Hunter knows the guy that holds the record in the eliminator! Go Tim!) and I noticed that Hunter was pushing back his bangs and seemed miserable with his hair in his face. So I took out some hair ties and played :)

He is so excited..right?

I know how to make boys excited...I told him he looked like a gladiator!

and he got happier..

and we decided that if Hunter were an American Gladiator, he would be the SOURDOUGHER! or the BUFF BAKER! Haha. But since I think he is pretty awesome and muscley and in love with Star Wars, I have him another name. So here is ...the ONE..the ONLY...the INTIMIDATING...SKYWALKER!

Ok so as you can see, his hair is LONG. Like really long. He hasn't cut it in like 3 months. Which for guys, thats nuts!

So , he convinced me to cut his hair so that we didn't have to spend any money on it. Whatcha think!?

I am SUPER proud. I wish I had a better before and after picture. But, I mean first of all..he does not have a mullet. YES. Second of all, he does not have a bowl-cut. YES. I think I completed this with at least a passing grade!

Ok before I go, I wanted to show a pic of the sourdough he made yesterday! IT IS SO GOOD.

Oh yes, and shot out to my MFEO BFFE LOML Danielle, from which the baking stone that Hunter bakes the bread on everytime, and this wooden bread thing that Hunter uses to cut the bread came from as a wedding gift! We love you!


Abby Joy said...

you guys are too much. in a superb way. wish we still lived in the same county.

Danielle said...

special shout outs rock my world. the hair cut looks fantastic.

Rachel said...

So you guys inspired me...I'm blogging again ( Although, I'm pretty sure ours will never be as exciting as yours. hah! Hold me accountable to keep up with it. Ya'll's is adorable! Had fun tonight! Hope to go out again soon!