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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bread Winning

So far, I love my job...

This may change...considering I want babies ..tons... of babies.

Babies that do things like this..

But for now, I like my job. For anyone like.."Ok, what's your job wierdo?"....Basically, I work at MD Anderson recruiting patients for studies to hopefully gather enough research to one day cure their cancer. HOW NEAT!

First of all, I thrive off the medical center. It's's's the best. Second of all, it's MD Anderson...they kill cancer like whoa.

Everything is so ...whats the word....'well-funded' there. Like, I swear their bathroom sinks are heated...LOVE THAT. For every employee, they make a plastic name thingy...which normal people are like..ok? so. But, I am like COOL! A PLASTIC NAME THINGY!...

And I got my own cubicle! and it's big. More pics of that to come.

So, the perks of my job..other than the aforementioned ones are:

I wear a whitecoat
Every patient thinks I am their doctor
I do not HAVE to correct them
Some doctors think I am a doctor
It is probably wise to correct them, but I don't HAVE to
Every day, I am working towards cancer prevention
I am actually using my degree!
I am not mentally exhausted or even tired for that matter when I get home
Hunter and I get to ride into town together and back home together every day
Hunter's school is literally across the street from my office
I get to put Hunter through school while he tries to become the best DPT ever
Whitney is near me too!

it is the perfect first job...for me atleast.

Considering how many times Hunter and I prayed and prayed and how I applied to 40 million jobs and got only 2 interviews in 2 months, I shouldn't be surprised to realize how much the Lord knew where He wanted me...but I am.

Finding a job stinks. NO ONE tells you that. There isn't a college course on "the REALITY of finding a job when you leave our comfortable walls! "

For the 2 months of endless job applications, I just wanted to call any # on A&M's website and say..."YOU DIDN'T WARN ME! "...

Luckily, Hunter and I had 2 months of wonderful bonding time. I will forever think of that time as set apart and special. We may have watched a little too much TV and probably could have been classified as bums...but we had fun...

So, cheers to my job. I hope all of those who are trying to find one, find the perfect one...however long it takes.

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Danielle said...

i'm so so SO happy for you!

translated to: iassShfy!