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Monday, August 18, 2008

Astros, the ER... a good week!

Well, the last week has been hectic and so I (Hunter) get the honors of telling the story. This is my first post, and let me tell you... Ashleigh is so geeked up :)

Last Tuesday night, Ashleigh and I had a little encounter with the St. Luke's Minor Emergency Clinic... Yeah.

It all started (or so we thought) at dinner with my parents earlier that evening. We had mexican food and about midnight as we were going to bed, Ashleigh began complaining of very hurtful stomach pains(and she has a really high pain tolerance). She couldn't sleep and for 2 and half hours she lay writhing in pain while I slip in and out of sleep waiting it out for her to stop hurting. After some nausea and a trip to the bathroom, around 2:30am we headed for the 24 hour emergency clinic. Praise the Lord I had noticed it while we got familiar with Houston!

The clinic was pretty awesome.... We got to see the American women lose the gold in gymnastics again (thanks to poor judges... of course :)) while Ashleigh continued to writhe in pain. Our doctor was really nice though. His name was Jesus Arroyo, but I like to think that Jesus helped us. He got us an IV (overkill?), some pain meds, nausea meds, and we waited it out for the blood work results. It turned out Ashleigh didn't have food poisoning from her delicious enchiladas, but a viral infection in her GI tract (ouch!). Thanks to the meds, we walked out of there pain free and got back in to bed at a groggy-eyed 5:30am.

Phew, am I glad that was over! I was really glad to be there for her and care for her health. I never thought we'd have to go the emergency clinic, but she needed it and so we did it! She's feeling much better now.... In fact, this Saturday we got to go Minute Maid Park to see Lance Berkman talk about the real Jesus (not the dr.) and hear a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert! What a sweet gig and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, it was all free of charge!

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Danielle said...

good job hunter! on taking care of your wife AND your first post! :)