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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Memories

I promise ...I have an excuse for not posting anything in like what feels like a month. I have been drafting a post on another topic ...and am a little bit stuck on what to say..which means that I haven't wrapped my mind around the subject...which means..I am going to come back to it later :) forgive me? don't have been busy too, I am sure.

I don't know about you, but I have LOVED this Christmas. This Christmas more than any previous one, I found that I enjoy giving really meaningful presents. You know...the ones that I know the person receiving is going to be PUMPED about. OOoo and also the gifts that people don't even realize they need!! I love that.
For instance...for Hunter. He did not know that he needed a new Nalgene. ..Do you know what that is? It is a glorified waterbottle that is extremely popular in the more southern universities/colleges...I say southern because those are the places that actually have students that get dehydrated truckin it from class to class..even if those classes are only 20 steps from each other...and therefore need a nalgene.
Hunter was using a really old Nalgene...that not only was ugly...but would allow for him to spill all his water all over himself. Ya I'd think since he's um 22? that he could drink water without any drama. oh no...there is spillage almost every time. So I got him..

Another wonderful Nalgene! it has a smaller mouth to aid 22 year old spillers...and! it's hunter green! LOVE IT. Hunter didn't even realize he needed another nalgene...but oh my did he need it. I made him throw away the old one the minute we were done opening the new know for his own safety.

And ...I got a beautiful bible ... with my new name on it. and what is even more the amount of time Hunter spent picking it out. Now being married to me for 7 months...he knows how I study the bible, and got one specific for how I's perfect and I freaking love him.

Anyways.. so Christmas was fantastic. I absolutely love the fact that our parents live less than 3 miles away from each other...and therefore we get to truly enjoy Christmas with family.

Hunter's cousins came up and over from Corpus and Atlanta and we had a ball. My favorite memories:

greenbean casserole

Andrew and Nathan sleeping outside in a tent

the over-use of the phrase: Christ-followers

the over-use of the phrase: innocuous

talks about tattoos that end up in talks about gay marriage

Jess' infamous envelope tradition

Andrew's narration

Joan beating Ozzie and Doug at poker in the same sitting as her learning to play

Jess crying multiple times while reading Twilight in mid-living room

being characterized into a gingerbread cookie along with all the cousins and then photoed

Baker's Street Pub and talking politics with my parents

Erin showing Pizza Hut who not to mess with

China Inn goodness

being really akwarded out and then comforted by the women in my awesome new family

Benjiman Button

Andrew holding out his arm for me to palpate his vein and simply saying "I read your blog"

talking Aggie tradition with a Longhorn :) (Ozzie)

seeing Bagwell tear up a t.u. stuffed animal...specifically when she ripped open the crotch area

seeing Bagwell plop onto Erin as she about died from all the excitement of the holidays..

It was so fun and full of love. I was born into such a loving and caring family...and I married into one as well. The Lord is so faithful. Love Love Love!


Robyn said...

I am glad you and Hunter had a great Christmas, Ashleigh! But selfishly, I miss you....

Christmas was in competition this year with celebrating Bobby and Lauren's marriage two days later. Bless Kim's heart for hosting it at her home yet again this year, to allow me to keep decorating for the wedding. I posted photos on Facebook of some of the snapshots during the wedding. Looking forward to the summer shindig for all family/friends, I am hoping you will be able to come up then! I'm also looking for a time to come to Texas for a quick visit. I need some big sister time....

Love you both!

thetimeis553 said...

Well, I did! Glad to have you in the family!