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Monday, December 29, 2008

Congrats Bob!

So cousin got married 2 days ago.


But what is pretty awesome about the whole thing is...they got engaged maybe a month ago?....planned on marrying in the summer of '09...decided that was way too far away and set the date 2 days after Christmas!

Now... I know that may have been a little rough for the parents (I love you sweet Robyn)...considering it was a tad unexpected and super stressful so close to Christmas...but holy cow, how awesome!

Honestly, Hunter and I learned a ton about each other in the 7 months we were engaged. It was enlightening and fun at times...but ooooooooooohhhhhhh man how uncomfortable it was! I mean are betrothed to each other...but in all reality you are still single....that person is not "yours" don't get to share everything don't get to completely combine hearts yet. ALL I felt the whole time I was engaged was...I can't do that YET!

I hated that.

I adore couples who do not fall into the temptation to "do" their relationship according to the worlds standards. If you are going to prevent unnecessary stress and hardship...then go for it! Don't undergo intense emotional tolls apart because the world says you "need" time to plan an intense extravagent wedding.

Go get married in your living room! ..

..and that is just what they did. :)

Ok I know all the older generation is like tensing up in the shoulder region...because holy guacamoly! (did you know that there is actually a brand of pre-made guacamole named 'Wholly Guacamoly'...genius..anyways)...what about the unknown!!?? what if they find out they can't stand each other and they are total opposites and get an annulment in like 9 days...right? you know that's what comes into mind.

Sure..there may be things they learn about each other during marriage that they may have discussed during engagement if they had a longer time...

..but here is my view...

if you are committed...with all you have (I mean some intense sacrificial love)...if you mean what you say in front of all those who raised, supported, and love you...and if divorce was never an option to either of matter what...

then.... if you learn something about this person during marriage...that maybe you would have during engagement...if you had longer...then in marriage you now have EVERY means to work through it.

You have a house that you share...and that you cannot run away have a bed that you both sleep in and that is rather uncomfortable if your going to sleep have confidence in knowing that your spouse will never leave you...even if you don't worship Star Wars :)...and you have the intimacy that you began the very first day you were joined as man and wife. ( ..ya I am talking about sex...)

...What wonderful tools to work with!!!

Bob and Lauren...if we were able to go to Minnesota..we would have in a heartbeat (Bob, I know how hard it was for you to come witness our wedding :) )...but in our absence...we want to say this now:

Marriage is the ...and never ever ever give up on each other. Keep seeking the Lord and allow His standards of marriage to infiltrate yours!


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