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Monday, December 1, 2008

Day One

Today was my first day in a LONG time without any kind of coke...ok.. Dr Pepper mostly.

I never thought I could be an addict. I always said I could quit if I wanted to...

I lied. I had a hard time today. I brought a capri sun to work. A CAPRI SUN! How did I think that a capri sun could compare to a Dr. Pepper? Well it did not compare. So, I went to the drink area in the Cafe and wanted a coke so bad. I felt compelled. Literally, I just stared at the Dr Peppers and had to consiously stop my hand from reaching up and grabbing. I honestly felt as though it was necessary to my quality of life. I was 3 seconds from giving in, when I saw the fruity V8 and it barely tempted my taste buds I opted for the heathier, not 3 million calories, doesn't stain my teeth and surge my body full of yummy caffeine goodness option.

So, I guess I am trying to limit my coke habit ...just trying to be healthy really.

But it is clear to say that I am an addict.

Oh yes, and because of this...I carried around advil with me all day....knowing that I was going to be miserable by about noonish... And I did indeed pop some advil...

No one warned me that you can get addicted to this stuff!

Oh yeah, I am behind on the holiday shot outs...Happy Day of Thanks. We had a wonderful time with my parents and Hunter's family in Corpus. Sharing recipes and laughs is what I call a holiday...

I have too too too much to be thankful for. Aggie football is not one of them. WHO8P!

Love Love Love..

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Danielle said...

So just for the record...a can of DP is only like 150 calories. And that's nothing if you only have one a day and lay off a little on a crave to have a Reeses stick! :)

Miss you already!