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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Unrest: Socially, Politically, Everywherely

This past week has been nuts. Seriously, from the second I left our church small group on Tuesday...I have just been royally smacked in the face.

Not only the smacking...but I am so exhausted over the constant politcalness of America right now. I can't get away from it. Can you? Give me tips. It's on everyones lips, in their yard, on every T.V. in the waiting room at MD Anderson, all over any website, all over peoples facebook profiles...I can't escape it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to belittle the fact that our nation will be lead by a new entourage in two weeks...this is huge. But it's too much nonsensical information that I don't need to decide that both nominees are at the same time capable and scary. both.

Hunter and I want to move to Canada...we made plans.

So, ok...more on the smacking...

I came home Friday EXHAUSTED...not because of lack of sleep...I get PLENTY of sleep...but simply because of an emotion toll. Just one very large toll that drives me nuts. I wish you could wallow in my toll with me...oh how I want to wallow in the stupid tolliness of this freaking dumb toll...but I can't yet.

Ok, then to add a little kick...I got hardcore food poisoning last night. Hunter and I cooked some mussels...which we have done several times in the past...and I was up till 1 AM introducing them back into the world with two wonderfully opposite routes of transport. Don't you just love options. I woke up a dehydrated mess and Hunter had to use his PT skills to get me out of bed.

I promise I love being positive. I adore the good side of things...the brighter side of live. I am Mrs. Brightside really...

So on the brightside, I think the awesome weather is helping to soothe at least part of my soul... so maybe I am getting my filter back. I haven't felt the need to yell at anyone...

..OK except maybe that kid on the commercial that drops a HUGE meat ball in his moms spaghetti and gets sauce ALL over the kitchen...I kinda wanted to yell at him a little..

It's going to be OK, right?

OOO! So a good thing that happend!! I got one!

So, Hunter had to go out of town on Friday for a church Men's Retreat andpicked me up after work. I immediately dropped him off where he needed to go before then going home. He told me he had a surprise waiting for me when I get home. LOVE that.

I walk in the house and in the bathroom is a note that says..."I love you, Angel. Please relax and take a bubblebath.-Hunter"

I look at our amazingly awesome huge tub and see candles all around it...a lighter...and towel hanging up and a bottle of bubble stuff... He knows me too well. OK OK...I know..all the sympathy you ever had up til now is like completely gone. :)

Even if everything is feeling out of sorts or unrestful...First and foremost, the Lord is faithful ...and of course, Hunter is pretty fantastic.

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