Camp Gaulke

Thursday, October 16, 2008

On another note...

Update time.

So, I still love my in my job description. Other factors related to my job are very stressful at the moment which I will definitely go into in the future. So due to this very intense emotional toll on me at work...I am finding that my filter is attempting to utterly disappear.

Example one: So Hunter and I ride the metrorail every morning together. I love it. We get to work/school without having to be stressed about awful med center traffic. We actually get to "spend time" together in the morning (and probably gross a lot of people out with our newlywed interactions with each other). Anyways, this morning on the rail I we are sitting down in two seats right next to the doors and at one of the stops, a woman in her late 20s walked in and stood right next to us. I noticed her the very second she walked in because of her EXTREME non-modesty in the bust area. She had on jeans and a tank top and was WELL endowed in the aforementioned area. I mean c'mon I have seen plenty of non-modesty (is that how you even say it?...ill-modesty...amodesty...?) but this was CRAZY. Like she might as well have been topless, there was no difference. NONE.

So my lack of filter part....I almost yelled at her. Right in the middle of the train. HA that would have woke everyone up at 7:30 in the morning. I really almost did. Was she joking!? My husband is sitting right next to me....other womens husbands are sitting and standing all over the metrorail....WHY! did she feel the need to wear that. I wanted to yell on behalf of every wife out there, " Hi Miss!... because you are very comfortable wearing VERY LITTLE...and men are wired to enjoy the body of a woman very much. You are making it VERY hard for them to be faithful to their wives...ARE YOU CRAZY!"

Praise the Lord...He completely covered Hunters eyes..with a messed up contact...I noticed Hunter fixing it as she walked by...

I asked Hunter when we got home tonight if he noticed her honestly..and he said honestly no...he didn't see her pass him.

Now looking back..I don't want to yell but I just wished she knew...someone tell her if you see her...

There are other examples of my lid about to FLY off in the past few days. Those will come soon.

Hunter and I are very close to claiming a church as our home. We are pumped. He is finishing his first round of tests and is doing very well. I really want to post some pictures of our wedding SOMEWHERE anywhere. So maybe those will show up one day soon. And work is hard right now. Not my job...just the environment my job falls in.

More to come...we love you all.