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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best Show of Summer...Just a Few Reservations I found my favorite show of the summer.

I recently found that there are a few things that really tug at my heart-strings: the olympics (specifically swimming events), the idea of having children or finding out other couples are pregnant, and THIS DOG SHOW! It is precious! I love the boxer named Pressley because I have a boxer!! (well at my parents house..but it is mine.) Pressley is SO well behaved and BEAUTIFUL! Look:

It is a brindle coloring, which makes it stunning.

I am seriously rooting for this dog and his owner, Travis. You have to watch them. Travis doesn't treat Pressley like human...because after all he's a dog...but he is a wonderful owner. And Trav is a Christian!! or so it says on the shows website..I haven't talked to Trav or anything.

My reservations:

There are a few people on the show that are the classic obsessive dog owners that treat their dogs like children or BFFE's...and in all reality worship these four-legged animals. Oh yes, and did I mention that on the trademark advertisement for the has "In Dog We Trust" under it...yeah it doesn't have it in the version up there...but come on that's just weird. They seriously exchanged the word God, to dog. Is anyone else creeped out by that?!

I am totally pro-puppy...I mean seriously I can't stop begging Hunter for a boxer every single time I watch this show...(I know he melts everytime he sees Pressley...He may cave!!)..but seriously people...has America become a nation of dog-worshipers?! Have we really started to invest our feelings/time/money/devotion/and loyalty into animals with huge personalities but no souls!?

One time during Hunter and my HGTV watching days (when we had cable)...we saw an episode of House Hunters in which a retired couple took their dogs to every potential house and they ended up choosing a house SOLEY because they felt as though their dogs liked it the best! Hunter and I were a tiny bit disgusted to tell the truth. I believe that the house was even some 100K out of their price range! WHAT!? ...

I love dogs...well only the cool ones. They are precious, sweet companions and PETS! :)


Danielle said...

preach it Ash! this is probably what annoys me most about my dogs at my mom's house...the fact that there will be stew cooking in a crockpot (potatoes, carrots, beef...) and oh, it's not for us - IT'S FOR THE DOGS!!!!

silly. i do love dogs but you're right they're not ppl.

Abby Joy said...

so happy to see you in the blogging world, and last night! we love y'all :).

Robyn said...

Happy to see you here, Ashleigh! Looking forward to having one more way to keep up with what is new in your life!

Love you~

Robyn said...

Oh, and since this is Camp Gaulke - HI HUNTER!!!!!