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Monday, August 8, 2011

3-5 month Schedule

So apparently I am a fan of schedules ...who knew?
As a pre-baby adult I never followed a schedule...and I liked it ..
Being my mother's daughter, I am not good at being on time (love you, mom) and therefore just embraced the free feeling of the antischedule...
But now having a baby, I am kind of obsessed with a good schedule ..and I want to document it so that the future mommas can have an idea of what a schedule can look like..and also for me to look back on whenever I have more little campers :)
8:00-8:30 Wake Up and cuddle with momma (or daddy on the weekends)
8:30 Play in the jumparoo or roll on the ground over and over and over.. (play time)
9:00 Eat (right now he's at 7oz/ solids yet)
10:00 Nap ...let me stop here and explain how we got Asher to nap without help
So from birth to about 3.5 months, I held Asher for every single nap. I am talking every single time that child fell asleep during the day, he was in my arms (or my mother in law's when she was watching him).. and he liked it that way!..
The weird thing was ...he did not mind sleeping in his crib at night for 6-9 hrs at a time..but it was necessary to be in someone's arms during naps.
So we began to nap-train. Nap training consisted of me singing and rocking Asher or bouncing on an exercise ball for a few minutes to get him a bit drowsy and then laying him in his crib. At first he did NOT appreciate the change, so he would fuss and sometimes full out have himself a fit...I would watch the clock for about 15 min, and then I would go in his room, replace his pacifier and then first I did this up to an hour.. (yes hour! was horrible) but usually it just took about 30 min...It took several naps for him to fully comply with sleeping in his crib, but now he sometimes fussed if I hold him too long..he wants to be in his crib MORE than in my arms.. and so the leave and cleave process already begins! :(
11:30 Play time
12:00 Eat
12:30 Errands with mommy/playdate time
2:00 Eat
2:30 Nap (for this nap he usually falls asleep when he is he is pretty drowsy when I put him in his crib)
4:30 Play time
5:00 Eat
6:30 Bathtime
6:45 Eat (last bottle)
7:00 Bed
He usually sleep until about 5 am and then wants to eat...we feed him and then he sleeps for about 2-3 more hours
This schedule really works for our family and Asher is VERY happy with it! I did read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" to help me with sleep training..and I highly recommend it.
Anyways...if any new mommies have any questions let me know! The perfect schedule is one that works for you AND your baby..


Christine said...

nicely done! I'm comforted to know that it IS possible!

Megan said...

Yay!! Sounds like a great schedule! I was all about the schedule with the twins. I could not have survived without it. I have enjoyed being extremely flexible in our routine with this baby but since the boys are starting preK next week I think it may be time to bust out with a schedule as well. Asher is a cutie and you look great!!