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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Asher Update

A few new things about baby Asher...
He was dedicated to the church! :) ..this is a picture of the day.. and the preshy outfit that mommy got him for the occasion
This day was very emotional for me...and I totally did not see that coming!
I started weeping the second Roger asked for the families to come up on stage....because this is the ONLY spiritual decision we get to make for our baby.
We dedicate his life to our church family...we vow to raise him in the way of the Word ...we vow to lead a home where scripture is evidently lived out and upheld...but that's all we really can do.
..ultimately, it is his decision to believe and follow the Lord. There is just not a thing I can do about it if he doesn't (other than pray my little heart out)...I guess what I mean is that I cannot control it..and that is so hard!
All these thoughts raced through my head as Pastor Roger introduced "Erich Asher Gaulke" and told our church family how Hunter and I chose his name (which just reminded me of my love story with him..and made me even more weepy) and that the name Asher means "happy"...
I just LOVE my boys!
Other things Asher has been doing:
Obsessing over my red nalgene..loves to look at it and try and chew on it
Loves to play in his jumperoo and watch Regis and Kelly with mommy
Loves daily Target runs ..and how every check out clerk wants to talk and play with him
Loves bathtime with daddy
Sucking on his thumb, index and middle fingers on his right hand
Grabbing mommys hair and earings
Being in his bumbo so he can see us on "adult" level...he LOVES to be talked to and smiled at. He is an extremely social baby and unless he is super tired or hungry...will hardly ever fuss if he is with tons of people.
Loves the sound of his voice...he is constantly squeeking and squaking at the top of his lungs..just for fun
He is stubborn.. dangit! It is not surprise..his parents are two of the most stubborn people on the comes out most concerning sleeping. He LOVES to be playing, cooing, and looking at new things..and so sleep really just gets in the way...
I have been gradually sleep training him and he is now down to two naps a day: a really short one in the morning (hopefully that one will lengthen)..and a really long one in the midafternoon..
I really thought that I would never get him to nap in his crib (up until two weeks ago he was sleeping in my arms for most of his naps)...but he is now sleeping in his crib for both! and he is sleeping from about 7pm-8am every day with one feeding at about 5 am. YAY!
My little boy is growing up so fast!..
Asher- mommy LOVES the smile that you give JUST to her...she loves that you are a cuddle bug...she loves that you are so easy to please with random things around the waterbottle, a coaster, a mini dorito bag...etc., she LOVES how curious you are!..she loves that "you are showing signs of intelligence" according to your doctor :) She just LOVES you!

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