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Monday, March 9, 2009

Remember that time...

Remember that time....

that time that I have not blogged about anything pertaining to my life...

the life that is flippin full of crazy awesome moments that I need to log into my blog...

well get ready there partner..

here we go.

2 words.



Do you know him?

He plays for the Houston Astros. (baseball). He is very very open about his love for Jesus.

He's fantastic. Even when he makes fun of Aggies 5,000 times in 15 minutes.

He's very funny. One time, an opposing team threw twinkies on the field at him because they think is fat....and he picked one up and ate it.

He makes me laugh.

Well, we had dinner and Lance.

OK, we may have been about 50 feet apart, but we had dinner together.

Don't judge me. It was in the same was together.

This is him...eyeing me across the room. I waved...he waved back. Or maybe he was itching his forehead. Either way...we had dinner together.

This is me in front of his name tag.
Best night ever.

The real story for all you lack of imaginationers....Hunter's grandma and her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend) kindly asked us to join them for the annual Baseball Sports Writers Dinner.

We dropped everything to go. Lance got the team MVP award for the 5th time and he made a speech.

Worth every minute.

I interacted with him while he was speaking. Laughed at jokes about the Aggies that maybe offended me...who cares...he can joke...we sucked it up at football. if it was anyone else I may have tried to defend my alma mater..but not with Lance. I sighed when he recapped this past year...and reflected upon outstanding plays and future goals when he asked it of me.

We had a great dinner.

P.S. Hunter is aware of my slight obsession and is prepared for the worst when I actually do get to meet Lance.


Now...more updating.

I have done some decorating and some bargain furniture shopping

I told you that we got a couch off craigslist....


I basically feel as though we stole this from the people selling it. Don't tell them...but they could have gotten way more money for it if they just asked.

It's's fits perfectly...and makes me feel good about myself.

No judging...again.

I love saving money. I love finding a good deal. It really invigorates me. It makes me feel like a good business woman....and it makes my husband happy too.

I mean 75 bucks...come on! It was all a matter of circumstance...the couple was 9 months preggers with new furniture coming early the next week.

Thanks Jesus.

Oh yeah, and I also painted those panels above the couch.

Do like 'em? I'm picky so I am not ready to commit for life...but they will do for now...

I love painting..I want a painting room. I could do it alllll day. If I am not careful, I will.

Some other projects are:

Recovering our dining room chairs...this crazy fabric pattern!! I love it!

Like, words cannot express how much I love this pattern...and how spunktastic our chairs look right now...but I am super happy with the result.

Especially when I found dishes to match.

The etching on the outside of the dish and cup handle match the sophisticated victorian swirly pattern of the fabric. Makes my heart flutter.

I actually stopped decorating our apartment.

I ran out of room.

Hunter is happy about our checkbook...and I am sad about my halted hobby.

So, that leads me to my next update.

We are looking at some apartments to move to after our lease is up. haha.

I call it being "good stewards" of our money...because I think we could get more space for the same price we pay...but in all reality I do kinda just want more space to spread my wings...and to decorate the crud out of.

There is an apartment complex that is just for UT students/faculty and MD Anderson employees....and so we are looking into it. It would give us a ton more space for the same price.

I've also looked at some Duplex,Triplex, and Quadplexes in the Third Ward..

Do you know where that is?

Like it is the definition of crime.

We'll see what happens.

I have more to update but no one's attention span is this long. :)

Love love love.


Callie said...

Don't move to the 3rd ward. It is dangerous I hear... PLEASE DON'T!!! The UT Student housing is nice, Kyle Brown, Uzo, and Kendall Bicknell live there.... off of Cambridge and El Paseo. It is much much safer....

Ashleigh said...

Aww Call,
I promise we won't. That was just a test to see who cares about our safety. You won :)

We are looking at some apartments that I think you live by!


Danielle said...

i hope you DO move to the 3rd ward. you could really make a difference there. i look forward to a video chat soon! :)