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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer in Corpus Christi

Well hello there blog. I never forgot you, but there were some things that were way more important than you that I had to get done first.
Now I have NOTHING to do...but this. :)
Hunter and I are in Corpus Christi for the summer to complete an internship for Hunter's school. The good news is we are staying with his most WONDERFUL Aunt Patty who gives us amazing company and a roof over our head...and most nights when we are lucky...she feeds us!
Also, Hunter is loving his internship! His patients and staff are loving him too!I can't tell you how good he is at being a PT...and he will graduate May 2011! 10 months!
The bad news is ...I am kinda homesick for Houston and our apartment. I am contemplating making a trip back that way soon just to have a change in scenery. Let me tell you... all the movie watching and book reading I have been doing in the same spot has been exhausting :)
Other than being done with my first year of teaching and being in Corpus...nothing too new to report.
Oh yeah, like the new blog-do?

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