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Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Year

I’ll start with the most important event …

SEA WORLD…I mean um… our one YEAR anniversary…

It was a shocking realization that a year had passed that quickly…

I think the past year was amazing!! Honestly, it was way easier than I expected. I have posted previously how everytime I talked to older married folks, they would always ask me for an update, and wait with their faces distorted, ready for me to tell them how awful marriage is. It was so bizarre. I kept expecting it to get harder and harder. But it did not!

Don't get me wrong, sharing of vows does not instantly make you perfectly perfect for your are still two broken sinful people who live in a confined space (atleast we 777sq ft...sick) ...but its how you handle the miscommunications, the bumps, the moods, the circumstances of life...that makes marriage AWESOME.
We learned a TON about each other…it was a wonderful foundational year …We learned that we are very different…(lets be real, we already knew it, but we actually lived it out… )

Hunter is naturally very hospitable, I try, but I am not.
Hunter likes to try new things, I would prefer to not.
Hunter is pretty spontaneous, I am not.
He is an introvert, I am an extrovert.
I am fascinated by social interactions, he could care less.
I think/analyze until my brain short circuits, he can't even comprehend that, let alone do it.
I multitask, he cannot.
I am always looking forward, he is perfectly content with the present.

This is just the beginning.

Luckily, we learned that we are way similar too…

We have the exact same sense of humor. We have laughed until we almost peed... a lot in the past year.
We are both very clean.
We both are super frugal.
We both like to be listened to.
We have the exact same views on Christianity and apologetics…kind of bizarre if you think about how many ideas there are floating around.
We are both very low key.
We are both very compassionate people towards our respective causes.

It is such a blessing to have someone 100% on your team…who would fight for anything you wanted, simply because you want it. He has lived out what a best friend truly is. He has actively pursued me like Christ does his church. (Ephesians 5:23) He constantly seeks for peace in our home (Psalm 34:14)

The point is…my husband pursues Christ daily and lives it out in our marriage. That is why the past year has been strong.

We really try to constantly examine how to improve and grow in areas that are weak.

Let me tell you…it is WAY easy to be careless about weak areas in a marriage. Just living day in and day out…getting by. Or just being passive, not even realizing you’re upset until you blow up with 6 things on your mind that piled up over the last month. Passive people! How do you do it! Being passive is not found in my gene pool. Us Witthuhn’s, we’ll let you know when we are upset, immediately.

If that happens, you will be halted by a much bigger problem before too long. I gag at the thought of that.

So basically, I am pumped about the next 60+ husband is the sweetest most servant hearted man in the world. I can't wait to be like the old people on UP! preshy.

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Danielle said...

awwww look at you guys, gushy presh as always