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Friday, June 19, 2009

Birday..(Ya, I meant to spell it like that)

Have ya'll given up on me yet?

Like life has taken over and I am just a passenger...and I am NOT ok with it.

I reallllllllly have a TON of exciting things to rant and rave about...but where the flip does time GO. It's like you add 12 hours of class onto your already full time job and marriage..and boom..before I know's MID JUNE.

So...its my birthday. Or Birday, as Hunter and Erin say it :) And I am one year closer to babies. Seriously, that's how I gauge my life progression...I can't help it.

And for some reason, I really want a princess cake. Actually, I want a princess party.

Tomorrow, my fam and Hunter's fam are getting together to celebrate...and I kind of want them to dress up in prince and princess costumes...and I am really not kidding.

Maybe it's my unconscious really sick way of holding on to my youth...

Being realistic, I know that will not fly...with the men...surely they'd turn that idea maybe I can just settle on a princess cake...

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