Camp Gaulke

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok the Gaulke house/apartment has been CRAZY lately.

So much to tell...

So much excitement and fun!

Such as ...I had dinner with Lance Berkman on Thursday night! flippin FAV sports celeb EVER. that is actually an understatement. ...

I know you're like WHAT!? nuh uh!..

um...yes huh..

So anways...I can explain that later..

I am packing..

We are going on vacay....(vacation)


Honestly, we need this.... I am dying to go somewhere with my Hunter...

Somewhere...where I am not thinking for hours how I can decorate/clean/change....

and with all of the wedding/holidays....we have been around each other...but there has been a deficit in the amount of set aside 'us' time. Where we talk...indulge in each others lives....just able to connect and refill our spouse cup.

I can't wait!!

I will tell you every detail when we get back! We have soo many fun things planned...and lots of just chill time planned! woo woo!

Ok ...We are off..

Unavailable for the next 3 days...

We love you...don't call :) haha just but really..

speakin of just this..


Danielle said...

1. your video doesn't work
2. is that why you didn't answer when i called? i'm gonna do it again...probably when you're at work...but answer this time, k?
3. lance...seriously? i need details in my email inbox when you get back. :)
4. miss you already! have a fun vacation! let's meet up sometime.

The Vann's said...

Ok jerks... im pretty sure no one told us that you guys were blogging... seriously, come on now! No, just kiddin' but glad you guys are blogging so we can keep up with y'all! Hope you enjoy your vacation, they are much needed! Enjoy every second... seriously im VERY jealous!