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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our interpretation of Ike (Part One)


I am writing this in the local Barnes and Noble…because for Hunter and I, this is day 16 without power.

16 DAYS! What?!

I realize we survived Ike with no damage to our possessions…and a non-existent energy bill for the month of September, but I am finding it hard to be thankful for this!

We honestly have nothing of too much value … we are poor. So our enjoyment is not found in our stuff…

And a small energy bill means nothing when we have to eat out every night because we can’t cook. If only Center Point knew the obscene amount of money I would pay them right now to have the power back on…

Ok. Ok. I know I seem like I am ungrateful urma…but lemme just unpack the past TWO WEEKS.

The Friday of the storm, the power went out the second any wind started…awesome. But somehow, I managed to fall asleep with no circulating air. After assessing the damage the next morning we just had some minor wind forced-in water in our front entry way…and no power or water. After playing a game of LIFE and reading a little in our sticky still-aired apartment, we booked it to Katy. (My parents had power; Hunter’s did not)

We spent the next 4 days with Hunter’s parents (we weren’t gonna let them stay there alone with no power)…So the major point here is NO AC. I don’t mind the lights. Lights can be bypassed. I am a fan of candles…I have dozens of them…I do not have one battery powered fan. WHO DOES? Tell me where I can find one…in case of a recurrent Ike.

So, in the midst of this …I do have to brag on Hunter a little. So, Saturday night…at the Gaulke’s...Hunter and I were going to bed and 3 seconds after we hit the pillow, Hunter is out. Me?…I am DYING without a fan. I lay there for 5 hours…5. From 10 PM to 3 AM. Finally, I am so tired and just ticked…that I finally wake Hunter up half crying and half yelling that I can’t fall asleep. So dramatic.

My fantastic husband…simply wakes up gets me a cold water bottle to put under my neck…and tells me to relax…and before I can object…he starts fanning me with a pillow and does not stop until I fell asleep. Yes. I do thank Jesus for Hunter every day.

So the next four days are OK. We went to my parent’s house to watch some baseball and enjoy some AC. You’s Texas. And finally, the Gaulke’s got a generator so we were able to hook up a fan for me at night. GLORIOUS.

So, the next Tuesday after the storm, I have to go to work. So Monday night, Hunter and I drive to our apartment and see the half the building at our complex have power and half don’t. Ours doesn’t.

So we do the whole candle and flashlight thing…but I keep thinking how the heck am I going to sleep without circulating air….and finally an idea comes!...

Ok but I have to save it for the next post… Hunter needs the computer to study for his FIRST TEST tomorrow! :)

Pray for test…pray for power!

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